Holy and Immortal Tree - Olive

Archaeological research until now has proven that olive cultivation existed 6,000 years ago. It is obvious that this history, along with developing technology and interest, will be based on much older ones. The Motherland/Homeland of the Olive, is the Upper Mesopotamian region located on Anatolian soil. The first culture was taken and reformed by Samis. In ancient civilisation inscriptions, legends and scriptures mentioned olive tree as well as illustrated 140 times in Torah & Bibel each and 6 times in the Quran. Throughout the history, this tree has been counted, loved, admired and blessed by all societies. The olive branch is the crown of kings and symbol of peace. The olympic athlete's medal was made of olive branch, the warriors greased their bodies with olive oil, Anatolian wrestlers were wrestling with the oil of this holy tree. Places of worship, hospitals, houses enlightened with it, doctors healed wounds with it. In other words, the olive tree is not just a plant; it is toughness, medicine, ointment, lightness, history of humanity, life itself.

The tree of immortality, which we didn't even notice passing by, saw the first human to invent the wheel, perhaps the scrolls printed by the first printing press. Perhaps Prophet Solomon sat in its shadow, perhaps Farabi, perhaps Archimedes, perhaps Leonardo, perhaps Avicenna.

It is obvious that this holy tree existed long before humankind and will remain be here long after we gone.


Anatolia is the region where olives are born, domesticated and brought forth as products. Trade was done here and spread all over the world from here. Each of the ancient civilizations of Anatolia has a story about olive. The inhabitants of this beautiful peninsula used olive trees, leaves, fruit and oil at every point of their lives. The Anatolian olive tree has received more attention in the geography where it has spread over the millennia. and this holy tree has distributed health, abundance and affluence.

Unlike other geographies, the place of olive in the food culture of Anatolia, the more intense consumption of fruit. The world's best table olives are produced in Turkey and most of them are consumed here.The main breakfast is “black olives”. In recent years, there has been a serious movement in olive oil for qualified products in Anatolia. Here is our “Anatolian gold” brand was created to bring Anatolian olive oil together with the world in the premium segment. While working on our brand and creating our corporate identity, we focused on the history, people, Art, and texture of Sacred Anatolia. We have shaped our bottle with elegant, maternal and Noble Anatolian women. We have chosen our labels, catalogues, from the thousands of years of Motif heritage of our counters.

ANATOLIAN GOLD is a gift to the world of hard working people who live on this land.

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